Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Yes, you are eligible but can submit only one application to one Member State. On the Application Form you must indicate this Member State in the section “Citizenship at birth” and include others as appropriate in the section “Other Citizenships”.
You must download the JPD Application Form from the UN/DESA or EEAS website and complete all sections as required. Your application must be signed by hand and must also include the hand-written mention “read and approved”. The finalized Application Form must be submitted via the online tool available on the UN/DESA webpage. It is not possible to submit applications via alternative channels.
No, you must hold by the closing date for applications at least a university degree equivalent to a Master’s degree (see Diploma Annex document).
There is no age limit to apply to the JPD Programme. However as indicated in Section 3.2 of the Joint Decision Document, preference shall be given to candidates with up to four (4) years of professional experience with relevance to the Programme (of which maximum one (1) year with the EEAS, the Commission or another EU institution or body).
There are no specific restrictions mentioned in the University Diploma paragraph of Section 3.1 of the Joint Decision Document, If you have any doubts concerning the validity of advanced degrees awarded by an EU-based university, you may consult the Diplomas Annex document available from the EEAS JPD webpage.
You must refer to the indications provided in Section 2.2 of the Implementing Rules Document. If you wish, you may refer to the list of geographical regions/delegations available from the EEAS webpage EU in the World. While it is up to your discretion what you indicate as your Preferred Domains of Activities, it is recommend you consult the useful information contained in the ‘Standard Description’ documents available from the links in the WHERE ARE THE CANDIDATES POSTED section of the EEAS webpage.
You should provide the name of your spouse and children (if any) as appropriate, i.e. “familiari a carico”.
No. At this stage, you are not requested to submit any documentation other than the duly completed JPD Application Form.
The Implementing Rules Document makes no specific mention of interviews/written tests. Section 3. Pre-selection and Selection informs that “an evaluation of the eligible pre-selected candidates is organized in principle on the basis of the written applications”.
The last round of the JPD Programme received 1.287 valid applications, of which 720 were for EEAS and 567 for Commission. Once the pre-selection process is concluded, only the pre-selected applicants will be notified. The large volume of applications makes it extremely difficult to provide individual feedback.